Exporting goods to Andorra is complex due to very strict local laws requiring expert knowledge.

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Andorra is situated 125 miles north of Barcelona amongst the eastern Pyrenees mountains, sandwiched between French and Spanish borders. Despite its location, it is not part of the European Union, despite adopting the Euro as its de facto currency. A wealthy country, thanks to its ski resorts and its tax haven status. Ironic really as its mountains which kept it isolated and less wealthy for so long have been part of their economic boom of recent decades.

Our freight service to Andorra

Primarily we manage this service through our Barcelona partner MC Trinter, whose expert knowledge with Andorra has enabled us to become involved with such a tricky niche market. Sending goods to Andorra is complex due to local laws and unless you know what you are doing, you could incur delays resulting in additional costs, potentially even incurring fines.

Additional requirements relate primarily to customs clearance. This can be prepared from the UK, or managed locally, but all documentation such as commercial invoices and the like must be provided before loading in the UK. The value of the goods must be provided even at the quotation stage as customs charges are ad valorem. Certain commodities such as, but not necessarily limited to, alcohol and tobacco require special documentation relating to the commodity and/or a Letter of Authority.

Did you know?

Only English or Spanish speaking drivers who hold a British or Spanish passport are allowed to enter Andorra. Similarly, the truck and trailer must be registered in either the UK or Spain. Furthermore, on entering Andorra, there must only be freight on the trailer destined for Andorra. No freight for any other country can be on the trailer.

First impression – first class

Good Morning Phil

I am the Manager of North Walkden Vets (Over 35’s) Football Club.

I would like to thank you along with James Mears who is an integral part of our team for agreeing to sponsor our new football kit which we will be wearing for the next 2 seasons. The financial support will ensure that the team can continue on a sound footing for at least the next 2 seasons, so we are very grateful for this.

On a business front, I have got to understand what Mearsy does for a job and as a result have sent some enquiries and secured a number of jobs using your company to transport some of our goods to France, Israel and Qatar in the last few weeks.

The first impressions I have of your company has been very good, The service I have received from the likes of Mearsy, Andrew Knowles & Rebecca Heap has been first class!

Mark Dougill, Export Manager, A1 Shutters.

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