Eastern & Central Europe

Many of these countries are highly complicated markets, fraught with legislation and high customs involvement.

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It is true that Ital Logistics started its journey in August 2000 with the initial aim to provide an honest and reliable road freight service to and from Italy. And as time has gone by, our service portfolio has expanded considerably.

Predominantly, Ital Logistics has been associated mostly with Western Europe, its most major road freight services being to and from Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, France and many of their neighbours, islands and autonomous dependencies.

As we have expanded our core services, and more recently with Germany, we are also able to provide road freight groupage services through to the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Croatia through our Frankfurt partner’s daily services to these countries.

However, amongst our team is Mike Whitney, whose expertise on Eastern Europe spans back more years than he would no doubt wish to remember. Through this knowledge, and his relationship with key specialists in these areas, we can provide professional freight forwarding services to and from all Eastern European countries. Such as:

Many of these are highly complicated markets, fraught with legislation and high customs involvement, in particular the Baltic countries, Russia and Ukraine.

If you would like to know more about what we can offer, please give Mike a call or drop him an email.

No complaints

Dear Phil. In line with our ISO9001 accreditation we have to evaluate supplier performance and report the findings annually. The basis of this is to compare the number of deliveries your company has carried out, on our behalf, against the number of customer complaints we received and any other miscellaneous issues experienced during the year.

I am pleased to advise that ITAL have an excellent record with no complaints or issues recorded throughout 2013 so may I take this opportunity to thank you for all your assistance and hope that you will maintain this level of effective logistic service to our customers during 2014. Thank you.

Megan Massey Export controller, Chemviron

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Eastern & Central Europe

Freight Routes to and from Eastern & Central Europe