Our freight service to Corsica is served via our Lyon and Marseille partner with transit times door UK to door Corsica between 10-14 days.

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Corsica is an island in the Mediterranean Sea which sits southeast off the French mainland, west of the Italian Peninsula, and immediately north of the Italian island of Sardinia.

Tourism plays a big part in the Corsican economy. The island’s climate, mountains, and coastlines make it popular among tourists. The island has not had the same level of intensive development as other parts of the Mediterranean and is thus mainly unspoiled.

Under the ownership of Italy’s republic of Genoa for some 500 years until 1755, as a result of these historical ties, it has retained an Italian flavour. Sounds ideal.

Our freight service to Corsica

Our freight service to Corsica is routed via our southern French partner, Fatton Transports. Consignments are consolidated at our partners Lyon depot to save time, or delivered directly into their Marseille depot when additional trailers go directly to Marseille.

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Dealing with Corey has been a pleasure


As per telecon may I say that dealing with Corey over the last couple of days has been a pleasure. Everything I needed he did and kept me informed. Trailer turned up on time and now on his way for delivery Friday or Monday which is what was requested. I don’t normally praise anybody – they are doing their job – but he handled it very professionally and a first for me having nothing to moan about!

Andrew Nicolaides AN Distribution

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Freight Routes to and from Corsica