Our road freight service to Nice has grown substantially during 2019 and we now provide a twice-weekly service every Tuesday and Friday.

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Close to the border of Italy, for a period of some 45 years in the 19th century, Nice was once part of the Kingdom of Piedmont-Sardinia, gifted back to France in the Treaty of Turin as a territorial reward for their assistance in the 2nd Italian war of independence against Austria.

Now, like Monaco, it has become a wealthy city as part of the French Riviera, having the second largest hotel capacity in France.

Our road freight service to Nice has grown substantially during 2019. Deliveries are made direct on trailer, or via our partners Lyon or Marseille depots, depending on the consignee’s location.

Our freight service to Nice

To ensure that deliveries are made without problems, our partners always book deliveries in, whether or not being delivered by them or direct on international trailer.

Key tip

Delivering to Nice is not like any ordinary destination. Similar to Monaco, there are many restrictions in place and as such requires careful planning and a lot of experience. For example, narrow roads, many consignee’s are without unloading facilities, and Central Nice often requires a police escort.

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Professional throughout

Mr Denton, I am writing to thank you for your company’s help in bringing a valuable (to us at least) new machine from Italy to our factory in Derbyshire. I must praise Kurtis for his dedication and sheer persistence in dealing with all the problems the shipment encountered; dodgy height measurements, broken trailer roofs, French ports, delayed sailings and a customer who didn’t really know what was doing but wanted to know everything. He was professional throughout and made sure we got our delivery as soon as was possible. In an age where people are often quick to criticise and slow to praise please pass on my thanks to Kurtis.

David Pickup AP Metalising

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