Our entry into Germany started in February 2022 with services to and from the Frankfurt region.

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Service Information

Germany is the seventh largest country in Europe in size, and wide-spread. Whilst we have often wanted to expand our portfolio of services to include Germany, it has really been a case of both opportunity, and quite literally, where to start!

Having been recently introduced to Insatransport GmbH, based in the financial centre of Frankfurt, this resolved both the opportunity, and also being instrumental in creating a starting point. Our French service started with just southern France, and now we cover the whole of France. One has to start somewhere.

Our freight services to Germany

Whilst a new service, we have already been able to satisfy a twice-weekly service every Tuesday and Friday between our Heywood and Frankfurt hubs. Distribution throughout Germany for smaller shipments is undertaken by our partners, and for larger consignments, subject to customs formalities, direct deliveries on trailer can be made to areas between Dusseldorf and Munich.

As with all of our services, we can provide the carriage of dangerous goods as well as freight of all kinds to Germany.

Imports from Germany are also twice weekly, with at least 3-4 trailers each week, and rising.

Our partner in Germany

Our road freight logistics partner in Germany is Insatransport GmbH, and has been in business since 1976. Located in Frankfurt, one of the most important and largest regions, they provide national and international goods transport by road, warehousing logistics, as well as sea and air freight under their subsidiary INSA Air & Sea Logistics.

What is quite interesting is that their founding service, as with ourselves, was with Italy. From just three employees at inception, they soon became synonymous with the Italian market.

Fast forward some forty-six years, having tripled their warehouse facility to 6,000m² in 2020, a bold move given the pandemic, they have established themselves as a strong player in European Logistics.

Complimenting suppliers

Hi Phil. We always like to compliment suppliers when their support matches ours. Got your details from the Web, immediate response from Andrew Brookes, backed up by Kurtis. Our previous supplier’s service levels have declined, hence they are no longer suppliers of ours. Kurtis has been looking after the first job for us, which is the first job for a new client, hard fought for as well. His updates for us are brilliant. Please pass on my regards to Andrew & Kurtis.

Tony Hardy Horley Services Group Ltd.

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