In June 2018 we commenced our twice-weekly road freight service to Malta in conjunction with our new partner EuroBridge Shipping Services.

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Just 50 miles south of Italy lies Malta, officially the Republic of Malta, and consists of the main island Malta and the smaller islands of Gozo and Comino. Strategically placed in the Mediterranean, it is a major transshipment point and is the only country to be awarded the George Cross. A depiction of the George Cross now appears in the upper hoist corner of the Flag of Malta. 

Geography and history aside, we have, for several years, been transporting freight to Malta as part of our general forwarding services, often on a subcontracted basis, or via Milan. We were therefore extremely pleased during 2018 to team up with EuroBridge Shipping Services Limited and commence our own road freight groupage service to Malta.

Our freight service to Malta

Our road freight service to Malta operates via EuroBridges Milan hub, where goods from all over Europe are consolidated and loaded onto our partner’s own fleet of trailers.

In line with all services, all of these departures, apart from Friday, can carry dangerous goods.

We are extremely hopeful that sooner rather than later trailers from the UK will go direct to Malta without any transshipment in Milan.

Our partner in Malta

EuroBridge Shipping services Limited is one of the leading logistics companies in Malta, striving to offer the most efficient, reliable and competitive services on the island.

As a company, EuroBridge Shipping Services Limited prides itself in its dedicated and qualified team. All employees are committed to give customers what they need in a timely and professional manner. Their company motto’s ‘You Can Count On Us’ and ‘Logistics people to count on’ are backed up by many testimonies from loyal customers.

Always looking to expand, at the back end of 2018 they moved their operations to a new location of some 34,000 ft² of which a large third is a brand new warehouse. Imports which require customs clearance still currently have to be handled at the customs houses at the Hal-far complex.

For more information visit their website at

Nothing but praise

Since moving to using your company in our Plastics business we have nothing but praise for you both. There are times when you have gone out of your way to assist us above the call of duty and this has been very much appreciated. You keep us informed every step of the way regarding shipments whereas we have dealt with companies who lack in communication. You are both so pleasant and helpful and it is a joy working with you.

We have no problem in recommending you to our associate companies/suppliers/customers and wish you good luck for continued success and growth.

Shirley PTI Plastics Limited

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