Out with the old and in with the new – Our road freight service to Greece has grown from strength to strength.

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Having been involved in the Greek market since 2005, circumstances in February 2012 forced us to change our partner. It was a blessing in disguise and one which we embraced without any hesitation.

Our previous partner had an uncompetitive tariff and could not handle dangerous goods. Our new partner, who had seized the opportunity of a major Greek company ceasing to trade, ensured that we could carry dangerous goods, and also ensured that our tariffs were more competitive.

When many UK companies were retracting from the Greek market, we took it head on and supported their new venture. Why? because we liked them, they were sincere, and they immediately felt like true partners.

Our freight service to and from Greece

As a result of the above, our business has increased, and we are now making between four and five export groupage trailers each week, plus many full loads. Using round trip driver accompanied trailers in the main, we are able to provide the level of assurance in that we can keep control on where our client’s cargo is at all times.

Our import service from Greece is also twice-weekly, combining both depots, with at least three groupage trailers each week.

By road, unless any specific movement requires it, there is currently no requirement for customs documentation. This will of course change post-Brexit.

Our Partner in Greece

Vianox Svolos SA has been established in Athens, Greece, since 1968. The Svolos Group has enjoyed a successful business record in several fields, from manufacturing through to distribution, I.T. systems, and sea freight within the bulk sector. In addition, in 1997 they entered the Third Party Logistics Service (3PL) by developing a modern 25,000 m² warehouse and distribution centre in a prime location in Athens.

In 2012 Vianox Svolos SA expanded its logistics activities into the international forwarding sector, taking perhaps a gamble, following the demise of one of the leading Greek forwarders, and so, for the UK, this is where we came in. And as they will openly admit, ‘it hasn’t been a bed of roses’, but it has paid off.

For further information about our partner, please visit their website at

Brilliant Service

Thank you Mike. Brilliant service!! It’s good that we have a company we can rely on to get the goods to the customer, in this case 2 days before I advised them. It makes us look good also!!!

Joanne Metalube

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