We provide a twice-weekly road freight service to and from Lisbon including the carriage of dangerous goods on all departures.

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Capital of Portugal, Lisbon houses 27% of Portugal’s population. So it is little surprise that we had to find the right partner to represent us. For many years we have worked with several companies (and still do to some extent), each providing us with their own specialist service.

Whilst this had worked in the short term, it was necessary to engage with a true commercial partner to cement development for the long term. So in May 2014 we formed a commercial relationship with SDV Lisbon, later to become part of the Bolloré group.

Our freight services to and from Lisbon

In addition to the regular line trailers of Tuesday and Friday which serve Lisbon directly, we also provide additional export departures which make direct deliveries to some strategic locations in South West Spain on approach to Lisbon.

Delivering directly on trailer to key industrial areas such as Caceres, Merida & Badajoz en route can be achieved without delaying arrival into Lisbon, whilst at the same time provide shorter transit times for such locations.

There is a widespread range of commodities which we transport to and from Lisbon; for example, we export chemicals, garments, ships spares, and also animal feeds, whilst in reverse we import shoes, pharmaceuticals, stone, tiles, foodstuffs, and even beer.

Our partner in Lisbon

Since May 2014, our partner in Lisbon has been enter SDV Lisbon, now re-branded as part of the Bolloré group. Different from many of our other European partners in that they are a branch of a global group, but similar in that they operate like an independent company responsible for their own direct daily services to most European countries.

For further information visit their website although being a large group website, it takes some navigating!

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Excellent service

I just had to write to you to advise you of the excellent service I have been receiving from Mike Whitney. I have been exporting for over 4 years now and I must admit that Mike is such a breath of fresh air to the industry. Why, quite simply because he cares about offering only the finest service to his customers, most of the time doing things well above and beyond the call of duty. Please pass my sincere thanks back to Mike as I know people these days are very quick to criticise yet very rare to praise. Mike deserves much more than my thanks due to the sincere professionalism he has offered from day one, long may this continue.

Matt Lenton, Overseas Sales Manager Safety Screens

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