Transit time door UK to Moroccan depot between 6/7 days subject to customs formalities.

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Situated on the North West coast of North Africa, its capital is Rabat, and its largest city is Casablanca, perhaps best known for the classic 1942 film of the same name which chronicled what the world’s political war climate was like in that year.

Its major port of Tangier sits almost at the mouth of the Mediterranean, an immensely important and strategic location which has been involved in many historical conflicts. Having strong historical links to Spain, France, Portugal and the United Kingdom, it is understandable why it has been at the helm of disagreements over its control.

Our freight service to Morocco

Our service was originally handled on a relatively ad hoc basis via our Spanish service, usually via Madrid. Transit times were inconsistent and despite our competitiveness, not quick enough.

Having been approached in 2019 by Parisian company MTLS looking for a partner in the UK for their Moroccan service, we agreed to start a collaboration which has since extended itself to cover Tunisia, and also Paris itself.

This new collaboration introduced us to their North African partner TCL, and this association has enabled us to speed up the transit time whilst also increasing our competitiveness. Our road freight service to Morocco operates as follows:

Our partner in Morocco

TCL is a major player in the Moroccan market of multimodal logistics: Sea, Air & Road. TCL offers three Road hubs between North Africa and Europe: Barcelona, Paris and Milan. It is the Paris hub which we utilise as it shares the location of our Paris partner.

TCLs head office is in Casablanca, and between this and its bonded facility, it comprises 130,000 m² of warehousing capacity with 20 loading docks.

For more information, please visit their website at

Dealing with Corey has been a pleasure


As per telecon may I say that dealing with Corey over the last couple of days has been a pleasure. Everything I needed he did and kept me informed. Trailer turned up on time and now on his way for delivery Friday or Monday which is what was requested. I don’t normally praise anybody – they are doing their job – but he handled it very professionally and a first for me having nothing to moan about!

Andrew Nicolaides AN Distribution

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