Export customs process

Export customs process


Assuming that you have decided to use Ital Logistics as your Customs Intermediary, having completed a ‘Direct Representation’ letter, below is the expected procedure for a simple permanent export to the EU.

  • On receipt of your booking, in addition to when and where to collect the goods from, we would receive the customs information required to prepare a customs declaration which should comprise of at least the following:
    • Exporter and Importer details
    • Description of goods
    • Packaging details
    • Weights, gross and net
    • Sales Value and Currency for each type of goods
    • Incoterm
    • Country of Origin
    • EORI number (exporter and importer)
    • HS Classification Code(s) (Commodity Code)         
    • Customs Procedure Code
    • You should also provide a Commercial Invoice(s) and Packing List(s) complete with a statement of origin (see Rules of Origin)
  • We would then enter these details into our system and submit the data, including the commercial invoice (and packing list if applicable) via API to CustomsPro for review and submission to HMRC
    • If they receive ‘Route 6’, giving permission to proceed (P2P), we will be sent back a copy of the entry (EAD) which features a unique Movement Reference Number (MRN)
    • If they receive ‘Route 1’ (request for documentation), as long as they have the commercial invoice on file, they will submit seamlessly and eventually (hopefully) get P2P, sending us a copy of the entry as per above
    • If they receive ‘Route 2’ (on site examination), then the goods must stay put awaiting further information from HMRC reference potential inspection

If you, or a third party acting as your Customs Intermediary, wish to prepare your own customs declarations, we will need to know this at the time of the booking, or in advance by a standard agreement. So the expected procedure would be a little different, as follows:

  • On receipt of your booking (or by prior ‘standard’ agreement), you confirm who will be performing your export customs declaration.
  • You should also provide the Commercial Invoice(s) and Packing List(s)
  • We would then note that you or a third party shall be acting on your behalf
  • We would need to receive a copy of the entry (EAD) which features a unique Movement Reference Number (MRN) whereupon we will check that it has been given permission to proceed (P2P)

As far as you are concerned, it’s as simple as that. Well, ‘sort of’. We have a bit more to do, mm, actually a lot more, particularly for export…

  • Once the goods have been granted P2P, we then create Transit documents (TADs) for all goods, either a consolidated TAD for groupage consignments, or a single TAD for goods delivering on trailer, or which require for other circumstances a separate TAD
  • We then, on behalf of the actual haulier, have to submit Entry Summary declarations (ENS) into the EU Import Control system (ICS). This has to be done electronically which is why we handle this on behalf of our hauliers following their explicit agreement
  • (From July 2022 this also has to be done for imports into the UK to the GB Safety & Security service)
  • Travelling into France as the first port of call, an ‘envelope’ system has to be completed by the haulier (we do this for them on some occasions). Travelling into other countries as first port of call have different ‘equivalents’
  • And then there is the Goods Vehicle Movement Service (GVMS) system, already active for movements from GB and Northern Ireland, and imports from the EU to GB when under ‘transit’, but this also comes into full play for movements to/from the EU from January 2022

So as you can see, it is only going to become more complex as time passes.



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