Christmas 2022 departures

Christmas 2022 departures


The festive season is fast approaching, and whilst it is nice to take some time off, services become disrupted. Therefore, it takes a lot of advance planning to ensure that we are able to meet our customer’s requirements. So it is good to try and pre-empt requirements as far ahead as possible.

Below are the anticipated last (and first) departures between the core countries where we provide services. Please note that any delivery statements below are subject to the geographical location of consignor and consignee, as well as any difficulties that may ensue surrounding customs formalities.

The below tables are guidelines based on a standard service. We can always provide special services on request, so don’t take this as set in stone.

Last departure for delivery prior to Christmas16th16th16th9th16th16th13th
Last departure for delivery after Christmas20th20th16th16th16th20th13th
First Departure 20236th6th6th13th6th6th6th

Last departure for delivery prior to Christmas14th16th16th9th16th16th9th
Last departure for delivery after Christmas16th16th16th16th16th16th9th
First Departure 202310th6th6th13th6th6th13th

The dates indicated are of course December pre-Christmas and January post-Christmas.

As a final footnote, whilst it is quite common for customers to include presents amongst consignments for their customers, we ask one to refrain from doing so. What may be an innocent gift, in a post-Brexit world, it simply risks delays, not to mention confiscation by the authorities.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are unsure or need special assistance.



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Driver accompanied road freight groupage services to and from Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Malta, France, Gibraltar and Andorra, and freight forwarding services throughout the rest of Europe.

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We offer conventional, container and groupage maritime services to and from more than 200 ports worldwide and when sea freight isn’t quick enough, take to the skies.

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We can provide road/rail options when you need to squeeze the budget, and feel a little greener in doing so.

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When neither A or B is in the UK, using our partners we can provide cross trades worldwide.

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