Italy lockdown – 08/03/2020

Italy lockdown – 08/03/2020


Message received this morning from Dario Bragonzi, co-owner of our Italian partners ITX Cargo reads as follows:

“The situation in Italy is getting really serious and in high emergency. The government signed a decree last night and with immediate effect the whole of Lomdardia is now ‘Red Zone’ due to the expanding and spreading of coronavirus.

“Our region will be isolated from today until 3 April with more than 10 million people under quarantine.

“Additionally, 14 more provinces are involved, these being: Parma, Piacenza, Rimini, Reggio-Emilia, Modena, Pesaro e Urbino, Venezia, Padova, Treviso, Alessandria, Verbano-Cusio-Ossola, Novara, Vercelli and Asti.

“We do not know exactly how this will affect our work but needless to say that we will have negative consequences in our services as movement in and out of Red Zones will be severely restricted.

“Tomorrow from the office we will update how this huge situation is going to be developing, along with what we can, or cannot do.”

Ital Logistics is currently assessing the situation and will be in dialogue with all customers affected. Meanwhile, some trailers already loaded last Friday in export, due to depart the UK this morning, have been held back pending more precise information from our partners tomorrow.

Please ensure you keep in contact with our operational team to assess collaboratively what consignments are vital to be delivered, and those that can await the lift of the lockdown.



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