Our first French service, and where the road forks left for Italy, and right for Spain.

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Lyon is France’s third largest city after Paris and Marseille, and the second largest metropolitan area after Paris. It is also where our road freight services into France began back in 2016.

A key area in France for several reasons; on one hand there is the fact that Lyon has a strong chemical sector, and on the other, it is where the road forks left for Italy and right to Spain, both factors vitally important and well suited to the core services which Ital Logistics provides.

Our freight services to Lyon

Our service to Lyon is fast and efficient. With a transit time of around 48 hours from our depot to Lyon for groupage and part-loads, we are confident that this level of service can compare with, if not better, our French competitors. From Lyon, our partner distributes freight by road to the regions primary areas including Macon, Valence, Grenoble, Saint Etienne and southwards to the coast as far as Avignon, Nice and Montpellier.

Whilst relatively new, having commenced officially in January 2016, it will follow the same philosophy to which the Company has prided itself on from inception – to provide a reliable and personalised service with openness, honesty and integrity. Many of our competitors speak these very same words, how true they are is only ascertained by one’s own experience.

Our partner in Lyon

Our partner in Lyon is Fatton Transports, whose headquarters are in Villeurbanne on the periphery of Lyon. Founded in 1909, Fatton is a family owned company employing around 500 people across 15 offices located throughout France, 7 of which are involved in European groupage markets. A further 16 outposts throughout the rest of the world complement their worldwide presence.

For further information visit their website at

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No complaints

Dear Phil. In line with our ISO9001 accreditation we have to evaluate supplier performance and report the findings annually. The basis of this is to compare the number of deliveries your company has carried out, on our behalf, against the number of customer complaints we received and any other miscellaneous issues experienced during the year.

I am pleased to advise that ITAL have an excellent record with no complaints or issues recorded throughout 2013 so may I take this opportunity to thank you for all your assistance and hope that you will maintain this level of effective logistic service to our customers during 2014. Thank you.

Megan Massey Export controller, Chemviron

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