Vigo & North West Spain

Our first true groupage trailer to Spain consisted of several consignments for this region.

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Vigo has a close place in our Iberian team’s heart – our first true groupage trailer to Spain consisted of several consignments for this region. That was back in December 2007. Since then, our road freight services to and from Spain have grown immensely and it is hard to believe that some 30% of our total business is now concentrated on the Iberian Peninsula.

Many of our competitors concentrate on the key industrial locations of Barcelona and Madrid, and to some extent Valencia and the marble producing areas of Castellon. However, our early mind-set was to emulate our Italian philosophy and cover the whole of Spain to become a true Iberian specialist.

Our freight services to Vigo and North West Spain

Of all our Iberian services, we find that more cargoes destined for the Galicia regions of Spain are time sensitive than other areas of Spain. In consideration of this, we often utilise the Portsmouth-Santander vessel or use double-manned trailers to save as much as two days in transit.

Whichever route is taken, we are able to make direct deliveries en route to prime industrial towns such as Pravia, Oviedo and A Coruna (La Coruna) on the northern coastline swinging down to Pontevedra, Vigo and Porrino, close to the Portuguese border. It is also not uncommon to back-deliver from Porto for small groupage shipments to Vigo, Porrino and their surrounding areas.

As a consistent footnote to these service embellishments, we can of course carry dangerous goods on most departures. Additionally, as a large proportion of the business from Spain consists of foodstuffs, we can provide temperature controlled facilities, including dual temperature units that can be set at different temperatures from frozen, chilled through to ambient.

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Proactive, flexible & transparent

ITAL logistics support our business through European Outbound and Reverse Logistics to support a number of our clients, especially on multiple palletised loads and also non standard palletised consignments. There have also been times where we have asked them to respond to short lead times for important collections of engineering palletised consignments, with a recent collection from Poland being completed in under 12 hours from the request being placed !!!

With every request, the staff are proactive, flexible, transparent and provided a high level of feedback and communication. Their staff are informative, pleasant and knowledgeable and a pleasure to speak with. We are pleased and acknowledge the value added service offering that ITAL Logistics provide to our clients and will continue to support their business.

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Vigo & North West Spain

Freight Routes to and from Vigo & North West Spain