Within the space of just three years we now cover the whole of France. Just like our other core markets we can say – ‘if it has a French postcode, we go.’

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During 2016 we held internal meetings to discuss and investigate the French market. Prior to this, we used to accept freight for Southern France as a means to supplement our developing Spanish services, in particular Barcelona.

What we discovered was that several French groupage operators were either reducing, or cancelling completely, their departures in respect of dangerous goods. As a specialist carrier of dangerous goods, we identified an opening, and a few weeks later we formed our first French partnership with Fatton Transports in Lyon and Marseille, commencing our road freight groupage service to the South of France.

As time progressed, and after listening to customer demand, by early 2019 we had also expanded into northern France, providing regular groupage services to Paris and its surrounding regions in collaboration with distribution companies in the region.

Following this expansion into Paris and northern France, looking for a UK partner, we were approached by a Parisian company who specialise in Morocco and Tunisia. Not only did we have a true Paris partner, but we were presented with an opportunity to commence new services to Morocco and Tunisia. The company was MTLS.

Within the space of just three years we were able to cover the whole of France. Just like our other core markets we can say – ‘if it has a French postcode, we go.’

Our freight services to France

As our freight volumes have grown, so have the number of departures and the scope of our coverage. With direct road freight services to the areas of Nantes, Bordeaux and Toulouse on the West of France, in addition to our primary shipping routes to Paris & Lyon. All our services to France are, as you would expect, able to carry dangerous goods in scope of ADR, as well as freight of all kinds, including temperature controlled.

Our departure schedule from Manchester and the North West, in brief, is as follows:

Our partners in France

We have two partners in France, each providing exceptional service levels in their respective area. Details of our partners can be found on their respective pages.

Unstinting service

Dear Phil, The enclosed gift comes with a (virtual) handshake and sincere thanks for the support that Ital Logistics has shown us over the years that your company has serviced our freight forwarding needs. You undoubtedly have a very professional team, who are a credit to you and your company. It is due to them that we have experienced many successful consignments, delivered safely, on time and at value-for-money costs.

Because of your company’s unstinting service, we have in turn grown our own business during the time of our association. It is due to the above that we feel extremely grateful and hope that you will accept the enclosed with our heartfelt good wishes for the future. Congratulations on your first 10 years!

Simon Fletcher Managing Director, Glass Scribe International LTD.

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